Is Coconut Oil A Miracle Food?

It is not uncommon to hear Coconut oil bragged about as a miracle food. But are those claims justified? After taking a brief glance at the various uses and effects of coconut oil, it should be clear that the title is in fact quite appropriate. Coconut Oil’s many uses and positive effects are what gives it the right to be called a miracle food.

1. Stomach & Digestive Aid: A spoonful of Coconut Oil consumed orally before eating a meal will prime the stomach for better digestion. Upset stomachs can often be cured by ingesting a spoonful or two of pure, raw, unpressed Coconut Oil at the first signs of discomfort. Regular inclusion of Coconut Oil in one’s diet is a great way to reduce stomach pain and bloating across the board.
2. Lotion & Skin Care: Treating dry skin with name brand lotions is a questionable choice. Why would you cover yourself in a hodge-podge of various chemical ingredients when one natural ingredient can effectively do a better job? Who wants to be covered in all sorts of chemicals when mother nature is an option? Rubbing a small amount of coconut oil over dry skin will not only repair and soothe the dryness, it will help restore the skin to its healthy state.
3. Cuts, Scrapes & Burns: You already know that Coconut Oil is great for dry skin, so it should come as no wonder that it’s also great for other skin ailments such as scrapes and burns. Rubbing Coconut Oil on a cut, scrape or burn will speed up the healing time and help with itching or burning sensations.
4. Energy Source: This aspect is more noticeable for those who are on a ketogenically-adapted diet, meaning one low on sugars and breads. Your body has the ability to burn fats and oils for fuel, but it will only do so if your blood-sugar levels are consistently low enough. Simply using a few tablespoons of Coconut Oil in cooking will give you more energy and better health than using the same amount of butter or vegetable oil.
5. Anti-Oxidation: Without needing to crack open some college-level science textbooks, we can understand that oxidation is not a positive thing for the body. Coconut oil acts as an anti-oxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory. Oxidation in your body causes disease and cell damage whereas inflammation is never good for any organ.

Simply looking at five areas of health, we can see how Coconut oil is useful in aiding in each. This list is actually not exhaustive — Coconut Oil has more benefits that would take forever to list. If any of the above ailments trouble you, consider putting Coconut Oil on your next shopping list. You might end up making it a regular part of your diet after you feel the immensely positive effects.

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