To Eat or Not To Eat During Pregnancy

The do’s and don’ts of pregnancy can be overbearing; especially when it comes to keeping a healthy diet. For quite some time now, pregnant women have asked, “Is a raw food diet healthy for me and my baby?” Unfortunately, there has been an assortment of contradictory answers that have still left expectant mothers in a state of confusion. This article will finally give you the truth about raw food diets, so that you can make healthy decisions for yourself and your baby!

Knowing Raw Foods

The first thing to know about trying to decide what is good for you and your baby, is learning exactly what types of food are considered raw. When you think about raw food, what exactly comes to mind? Usually, it’s an image of uncooked meat such as chicken or fish. While that image isn’t completely wrong, it still doesn’t give the full view on what raw food diet is. So, here’s the definition: raw food is any uncooked, unprocessed, organic foods. These raw food items include: vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains, unpasteurized dairy foods, raw eggs, meat, and fish.

Food for Thought

I bet that definition was a little surprising, right? The truth is that all raw food isn’t bad for pregnant women. In fact, some of these foods are needed to provide mothers and their fetuses with the proper amount of nutrition. Fruits and vegetables give splendid amount of fiber which helps the body’s digestive system. Mothers who stick to these items in a raw diet have better sleep cycles and more energy. And every expectant mother needs plenty of rest and energy during pregnancy! It appears that the myth about a raw food diet may not as hazardous as people think!

Forbidden Food

While a raw food diet isn’t something to run away from, there are several foods that pregnant women should never eat while practicing it. The first food has been debated about for years and will probably break a few hearts once expectant mothers realize that they shouldn’t have it! That food is no other than: sushi. Why is sushi on the list? Because sushi may contain parasites that could cause harm to the mother and developing baby. However, one can substitute California rolls for regular sushi, as these rolls don’t contain any raw fish. Second up on the ban diet, is raw eggs. Raw eggs can contain salmonella and cause vomiting, fever, and diarrhea. You should be careful about eating a food that contains uncooked eggs. Lastly, is unpasteurized foods like: milk, juice, and cheese. Any food that hasn’t been pasteurized could have harmful bacteria and toxins that are dangerous.

Finally, after many misconceptions you have the facts about a raw food diet! If practiced correctly with the right food items, then a raw food diet can turn out to be exactly what your baby needs to grow! Just remember to stay away from foods that could contain a food-borne illness in order to have a successful pregnancy.

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