To Eat Fruit at Night, Or Not to Eat Fruit at Night?

Are you trying to shed extra weight gained during the winter? It is difficult to resist desserts of the winter holiday season such as cookies, cakes, pies, and other sugary foods. However, summer has arrived and with it, a healthier edible alternative to the sugary pastries of winter; fruit!

Although fruit grows throughout the year, it is in abundance during the summer and is found to be a helpful food for weight loss. Diet is an important factor in helping one lose weight and it can help to have plenty of fruits in the kitchen. Fruit is certainly a better alternative to high caloric foods, but one must ask if eating fruits at night is detrimental to a weight loss process? If not, are there any other harms to consider when having a nighttime fruit snack? Are certain fruits better to eat at night than others? It is important to consider what foods, if any, are acceptable to eating during the late-night hours.

Which fruit is good to eat at night to lose weight? Although there is no restriction on nighttime eating to lose weight one does want to be mindful of the number of calories he/she consumes at night. If munching on fruit is a nighttime activity, you must be aware of the number of calories in the fruit. Eating too many calories from fruits can cause one to gain weight. The best fruits to eat at night are melons such as watermelon, cantaloupes, and honeydews as well as apples and pears. These are acceptable late night snacks during a weight loss routine because they are low in calories and high in fiber.

Is there any harm in eating fruits at night? As stated above, if one is trying to shave off pound it is important to consider the number of calories in a fruit before consumption. High calorie fruits will cause weight gain so it follows that high calorie fruits are harmful to a weight loss diet when consumed at night. Additionally, eating fruits at night has the potential to inhibit the sleeping process and raise blood sugar.

When participating in a weight loss program one will find fruit is an aid in losing weight. And although there are detriments to eating fruits at night such as issues with falling asleep and high blood sugar from the consumption of high sugar fruits, consuming low- calorie fruit in small portions at night is better than consuming other high caloric foods.

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