Importance Of Eating Healthy and Regular Physical Exercise

The human body is meant to function optimally. This can only happen if you exercise enough and eat the right type of food in quality and quantity. Having a high fitness level should be a priority in order to have strengthened muscles that can endure for long periods. That can only be achieved through regular […]

Understanding A Food Label Makes Nutritional Sense

It’s a dilemma consumer face every day. Are they getting the nutrition that their body needs? Reading the nutritional information on a box, can or container can often be misleading and confusing. How can you ascertain if the food you’re consuming is nutritious? Today the word “healthy” appears on many foods, and takes on many […]

More Or Less: The Does and Don’ts Of Nutrition

The mirror, the scale, the ever watching eyes, whatever the reason for your decision to lose weight there is one important piece of information that you need to arm yourself with. The keys to effective weight loss are exercise and proper nutrition. No matter how much effort you put into your exercise routine, improper nutrition […]

Is Coconut Oil A Miracle Food?

It is not uncommon to hear Coconut oil bragged about as a miracle food. But are those claims justified? After taking a brief glance at the various uses and effects of coconut oil, it should be clear that the title is in fact quite appropriate. Coconut Oil’s many uses and positive effects are what gives […]

Is Your Diet Depressing You? It Could Be

Most people would be surprised to find out that what they’re eating can actually be making them depressed. Counter-intuitive and strange for sure, but true — what you eat can either uplift your mood, or depress it. Another way of putting it is the concept of thinking of food as medicine. The way to elevate […]

Foods That Boost Your Immune System

If you’re looking for a way to give your immune system a healthy boost, you’ll find the answer in your diet. Everything your body consumes will affect the way your body heals and recovers from physical injuries, colds, and other ailments. What is your immune system anyway? Your immune system is your ability to fight […]