Signs of an Unhealthy Digestive System

The digestive system refers to a complex series of organs that work together consecutively to convert food into simple nutrients and energy that the body needs, to maintain its functionality. The system involves a number of processes, which starts in the mouth, to the esophagus, into the stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and lastly, the undigested foods are stored in the rectum for excretion through the anus. The whole passage is referred to as the alimentary canal.

The whole digestive process is important and is the helm of the body’s health. When the whole system or an organ in the system is not running well, the body makes it obvious to the host by giving certain signs. These signs include Skin problems such as face mapping, which is where the skin reacts by producing visible spots on certain areas of the host’s face, depending on what part of the digestive system is suffering.

A constant feeling of anxiety and irritability is also an indication of a problem in the gut. This is because our digestive system is directly linked to the brain. Our intestines consist of millions of neurons that form the Enteric Nervous system (ENS). When there is a problem in the system, these neurons send messages to the brain, and it is then reflected in the host’s behavior. It may include feeling depressed, anxious or easily irritable.

Bad body odor is another major sign of an impaired digestive system. Protein-rich foods are a bit difficult for the body to digest. It takes them longer to pass through the system, and they can often cause bad odor. The production of the odor in the gut is then absorbed back to into the body and is eliminated through the skin in form of sweat.

Tiredness after eating is also a sign of an unhealthy digestive system. The body will feel weak, tired and sleepy after meals, reflecting a sluggish digestive system. The system being under strain will need to direct its energy towards digesting and assimilating the food, hence making the body weak. In order to avoid sluggish digestive system and give the system a break, you are advised to take smaller portions of meals and healthy snacks in between. Brittle nails and unhealthy hair are also a sign of an impaired digestive system. It indicates that your body is not able to produce enough stomach acid to digest food properly.

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