Save Money On A Raw Food Diet

When starting a raw food diet one of the first things people notice is the expense of fresh vegetables and fruit. There are ways to eat raw food without breaking the bank.

Farmer’s markets are excellent places to find fresh foods for a raw diet. Farmer’s markets usually consist of local farmers and growers who gather to sell locally grown produce. Besides vegetables and fruits, farmer’s markets include raw foods such as honey, eggs, and unprocessed milk. The cost of raw foods at farmer’s markets are lower because there are no shipping costs tacked onto the cost of the produce. Buying vegetables and fruits while they are in season will also help to lower the cost. To save even more while shopping, pick slightly bruised produce for a discount or shop near closing time when growers and farmers reduce prices. Farmer’s markets are a great way to find raw foods that are affordable.

Growing your own foods is another affordable option when on a raw food diet. Whether you have acres of land to plant, a small backyard garden, a few patio planters, or a window box you can save money by growing your own vegetables and fruit. To be thrifty you can save scraps from some of your favorite vegetables and regrow them. No matter if you start your vegetables and fruits from seeds, seedlings, or scraps you will be guaranteed to save lots of money, especially in comparison to purchasing raw foods from the grocery stores. Growing your own vegetables and fruits you will have fresh produce all season without having to wait in long lines and paying high prices. Growing your own raw foods is the most cost efficient way to save.

Buying raw foods in bulk from grocers, farmers, and growers is another way to save money when on a raw food diet. If farms are local to your area you may also want to speak with a farmer and ask if you can volunteer your time during harvest in exchange for some of the crops. Sometimes neighbors and friends who garden have surplus vegetables and fruits and are willing to share or trade. There are numerous ways you can make it possible to afford a raw food diet. Taking the time to research farmer’s markets in your area and by growing as much of your own fruits and vegetables will make having a raw food diet affordable.

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