Nutrition & Fitness: Check Out YouTube!

Certainly, the health statistics today are staggering; the country is in the middle of an obesity epidemic. People are not eating healthy and nutritious food. The average person is more of a fast food junkie than a person that regularly consumes nutritional food. The cost for leaning toward fast food is obvious. Those that regularly eat fast foods, candy, snacks, and soda are more prone to gaining weight and other health issues. This leads to higher medical cost and a less productive lifestyle. The good news is that it is easier than you might think to significantly change negative eating patterns and replace them with nutritional and fitness foods by watching the best YouTube Channels to follow for nutrition and fitness foods.

Lean Body Lifestyle

The person behind Lean Body Lifestyle has been spreading the news via video about healthy eating for several years on YouTube. There is a wealth of information that is directed at the serious dieter or the individual that is involved with bodybuilding lifestyle. Learn about eating right and shedding fat, preparing a healthy no bake pizza or healthy no bake desserts.

Fully Raw

Kristinia Carrillo Bucaram is obsesses with raw foods. Learn about preparing raw juices guaranteed to boost your health, going fully raw, or simply adding more raw food to your daily meals. This is an excellent channel for individuals that are interested in learning more about living a healthy, and organic lifestyle.


This is the perfect YouTube channel for anyone that is worried about the cost to prepare a healthy meal. Kevin is the name of the channel host. He will show you the way to prepare healthy, budget friendly recipes for you and the entire family.

The Healthy Grocery Girl

The Healthy Grocery Girl channel is dedicated to providing new and nutritional recipes. Learn about clean and healthy breakfast bowl meals, easy detox smoothies, and dairy free foods to easily create in your kitchen.

Tasha Lee

This YouTube channel is all about living a healthy fruit based diet. This YouTube star claims that she actually healed her body by following a very health conscious, fruit based diet plan. Learn about eating raw foods and the way to easily go raw overnight.

HealthNut Nutrition

Nikole is the channel host. She claims that she is a certified health nut. Her objective is to produce videos that inspire viewers to live a healthier lifestyle. She inspires viewers with her tasty and nutritious treats like easy vegetable dips or healthy granola bars.

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