Is Your Diet Depressing You? It Could Be

Most people would be surprised to find out that what they’re eating can actually be making them depressed. Counter-intuitive and strange for sure, but true — what you eat can either uplift your mood, or depress it. Another way of putting it is the concept of thinking of food as medicine. The way to elevate that concept is to change the way we think about medicine such that it doesn’t have to be unpleasant. If we cook our vegetables properly and select healthy, raw ingredients, our health and overall mood will begin to show massive signs of improvement.

1. Fast Food- It all comes down to natural ingredients and profit. Fast food companies won’t stop putting unhealthy ingredients into their foods until the customers demand it with their dollars. Big fast food names are feeling the nutrition push from society, but the volume is still too low. Don’t be part of the greater problem or part of your own depression. Eat natural foods without chemical additives.
2. Alcohol- Nearly every adult loves a cocktail every now and then. Resveratol in red wine is an excuse or justification for many adults looking for a way to legitimize some alcohol consumption in their diet. Unfortunately, nearly every alcoholic beverage will eventually break down to glucose before it hits the blood stream. That problem alone causes so many other problems like diabetes, down the chain, that it becomes a better idea to just have tea and water.
3. Red Meat- High blood pressure causes stress and meat is harder for your body to digest than other raw foods like vegetables and healthy grains. If you enjoy meat, look for lean meats, local farm-raised meats and healthy fishes high in Omega fatty acids.
4. Refined Sugar- Of course the foods that taste best would be the ones that were the worst for you. We can blame science for making us aware of these unfortunate truths. Nonetheless, now that we know how damaging refined sugars are for our health, moderation or sheer avoidance are definitely in the best interest of health-focused individuals.

The old saying of “you are what you eat” certainly can apply here in so far as the choices you make about your food and diet will have a direct effect on the performance you get out of your body. Think of your body like a car. Would you put the wrong kind of gas or oil into your brand new car? Why would you put low-grade materials into your body as fuel?

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