Balance Your Diet

As a nutritionist I encounter numerous cases of people who want to lose weight and have a healthier life. If you are one of them, I have some good nutritional advice for you here.

Starting a raw diet is a good decision; if the idea of eating raw food fascinates you, all you need is a good raw food diet plan. Ensure that you make a plan that you will be able to follow with ease. The best raw food diet plan should have the following three qualities:

• Fun

You should have fun following it. Include the recipes that you love to make it enjoyable. The foods in your diet can be the normal foods that you love but in a raw form e.g. hot chocolate, young coconuts, raw cheese, etc.

• Easy and Realistic

It is advisable to start with simple recipes rather than complicated ones that may require sprouting and dehydration. You can start with juices, smoothies, and raw versions of foods that you are familiar with.

• Balance of Nutrients

It is important to ensure that your raw diet contains all necessary nutrients. It must have carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, and other crucial nutrients. If you are wondering what raw food contains which food nutrients, worry no more. Here are some of the nutrients’ sources:

1. Carbohydrates- the major source of carbohydrates grain, fruits and starchy foods such as carrots.

2. Proteins- you can get proteins from green leafy vegetables, grains, seeds, and germinated nuts. Germinate the nuts by putting them in a cup of water overnight.

3. Fats- the source of fats is avocado, seeds, coconut butter, and nuts.

You may be wondering whether it is necessary to have these nutrients in your raw diet. Yes, it is very crucial. In fact, it is advisable to eat foods that are rich in nutrients like raw green leafy vegetables. Again, you should have a personalized diet depending on your health status. For instance, people with cancer and diabetes are not allowed to eat starches or fruits high in sugar.

All in all, you will never go wrong with a raw food diet. It’s what mankind started with and is just as relevant today as it was then.

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